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  • We are NOT responsible for damages to customer owned trash and/or recycle containers.

  • We accept NO hazardous waste, liquids, car parts, construction debris, animal waste, motor oil, refrigerators, ammunition, medical waste or animal carcasses.

  • Yard waste CAN NOT be disposed of with the regular trash collection. Please refer to the yard waste section of our website for more information.

  • Please place your trash and recycle out the night before the day of your collection. Your pick-up time could vary depending on various situations.

  • Fees will be charged for late payments and returned checks.

  • Customers will NOT be notified before their trash/recycle service is suspended due to nonpayment.

  • If you move or need to cancel service permanently, please call the office, email us or mail notification of this. Service will continue to be provided and charges will accumulate on your account until you cancel service.

Refund Policy
  • If you are moving out of our service area, a refund check will be issued to your new address. Please call the office to update your billing information. No other refunds will be issued. Please note that a $5.00 administrative fee is deducted from your amount due back.

Snow/Inclimate Weather Policy
  • If we close and do not run your route that week, the only way a weekly credit (our weekly cost) can be given is if you take the trash to the landfill and send in a receipt showing that. If not, we will still be collecting the same amount of trash on your next scheduled collection day. If we run the route that day and you do not have trash out, it is buried in the snow, or we cannot collect on your street due to bad road conditions, we will not credit your account.

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